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Here are some of the disclosed companies we have invested in. We strive to help each and every one of them along the way to great accomplishment.


Shenzhen Yue Neng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017. It is an industrial company engaged in the production of various products, including smart recycling rooms, smart modular recycling bins, smart single-bucket kitchen waste bins, smart double-bucket recycling bins, smart hazardous waste bins, smart dispensers, and more.

ELS Technology

Shenzhen ELS Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is the leader of one-stop Digital Procurement Management Platform in China. Through PaaS+SaaS+iPaaS third-party application marketplace, it has established a huge procurement supply chain SaaS ecological network that connects enterprises to suppliers.

Venture Space

Venture Space is an incubator that focuses on providing one-stop office solutions and business growth services for growing companies. Venture Space will improve its ability to serve enterprises in all aspects and is committed to growing into a leading comprehensive entrepreneurial service platform in China.

Glue Up

Glue Up is an all-in-one CRM platform that helps you build and grow your community through events, memberships, and other digital tools.

DaFang Robotics

DaFang Robotics is a leading international company that applies laser radar technology and related algorithms in the field of intelligent wall robots. Intelligent wall robots utilize SLAM algorithms based on laser ranging sensors, inertial measurement units, and other sensors to construct three-dimensional floor plans. They then use the floor plans for positioning and employ AI algorithms to plan intelligent and efficient wall operation paths. These robots are capable of effectively completing tasks such as wall polishing, putty application, and paint brushing.

Jodell Robotics

Jodell has developed and mass-produced more than ten types of products in five major series, including industrial-grade dexterous hands, intelligent electric grippers, electric suction cups, high-throughput rotary linear actuators, and multifunctional electric grippers. These products have served dozens of benchmark enterprises in industries such as medical automation, lithium batteries, 3C (electronics, computers, communications), semiconductors, and food.

For wafer and chip IC handling, JunDuo has developed the high-throughput PPA series products. These products utilize voice coil motors to achieve a working capacity of 20 Hz within a 25mm stroke and can provide precise force control of up to 5g at high-speed motion, providing strong execution components for the automation of the domestic semiconductor industry.


As the first domestic and international platform focused on realizing the industrialization of photocatalysis, 3S-TECH serves the fields of chemical synthesis, environmental treatment, and other related areas from two dimensions: phototransformation equipment and phototransformation processes. Under the 3S-TECH umbrella, a series of self-developed products, including parallel photoreactors, open-type focusing light sources, and photochemical flow conversion equipment, have served hundreds of universities, research institutes, and companies both domestically and internationally. These products provide a complete range of efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly phototransformation solutions, catering to small-scale experiments, pilot-scale testing, and production-level applications.

AI Rudder

By integrating human expertise with artificial intelligence, the full potential of enterprise customer service is unleashed. AI Rudder's cutting-edge voice AI assistant, supported by natural language processing, can handle routine tasks, allowing company managers to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.


AI Rudder transforms the customer touchpoints of businesses by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with human-like empathy. Over 200 companies spanning Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and the Americas leverage AI Rudder's practical AI expertise and operational experience, reaching over a million end-users daily.


CodeFun is a tool that intelligently generates source code from UI design drafts. It can convert design drafts from Sketch or Photoshop into frontend source code.

Its main features are:

  1. Accurate representation of design drafts, eliminating the need for repetitive UI reviews.

  2. Generates code that resembles handwritten code by engineers.

  3. Reduces the time-consuming and tedious manual tasks in daily work, such as pixel adjustments and layout tweaks.

  4. The tool significantly reduces the workload that would typically take around 8 hours to complete, down to just 10 minutes.

Leaf Technology

Leaf (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is an AI-driven technology music education company. It is dedicated to bringing the joy of music to everyone through its software and hardware products. Under the umbrella of Leaf Music Education, there are multiple music education brands, including TheONE Smart Piano, Leaf Smart Practice, and Leaf Practice Buddy.


The ONE Smart Piano has consistently been among the top sellers in its category on Tmall's Double 11 shopping festival for seven consecutive years. As the pioneer of global AI smart practice, Leaf Smart Practice has users in 107 countries and regions worldwide. The combination of Leaf's AI technology and live professional teachers provides a comprehensive practice mode for learners in various scenarios.

Green Recycling

"Green Giant Recycling" is an independent brand of Green Giant Environmental Technology Group. The group's mission is to empower the entire recycling industry with a focus on urban renewable resource recycling. By employing innovative internet thinking, the group aims to upgrade and transform the traditional waste recycling industry.


Established in 2019, the group is comprised of a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have long-term collaborations. Since its inception, the group has embraced an entrepreneurial attitude of actively exploring, daring to innovate, and facing challenges head-on. Through continuous validation and rapid iterations, they have built a complete closed-loop "Green Giant Recycling ecosystem," which covers over 200 cities and more than 1,800 regions nationwide.


The group serves as an enabler for the recycling industry, utilizing internet-based approaches to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of waste recycling, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

ChineseAll (300364.SZ)

ChineseAll is a leading digital culture content industry group in China. With the core of digital content production, copyright distribution, IP derivation and intellectual property protection, and the development strategy of "solid content, service industry, winning IP, two-wheel drive", the company is committed to promoting the integration of technology and culture.

Pop Mart (9992.HK)

Beijing POP MART, founded in 2010, is a leading cultural and entertainment company in China.

Over the past decade, POP MART has built an integrated platform covering the whole industry chain of pop toys. And the company now focuses on attracting global artists, operating IPs, appealing to consumers, promoting pop toy culture,as well as incubating and investing innovative business. is a pioneer of industry payments in China, deeply engaged in industry payments and transaction services. The company is the first to establish the B-side industry payment model, and the first in the industry to launch online online payment, credit card payment, POS payment, one-click payment, e-wallet and other products. With the original intention of "transaction services for customers", the company continues to provide industry-specific payment solutions around the payment or fund processing needs of upstream and downstream industry chains.

EV King

EV King is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing intelligent charging software operation services for new energy vehicles. It is recognized by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology as a big data enterprise and a "Green+" enterprise in the Huangpu District of Guangzhou.


EVKing Cloud aims to help charging station manufacturers and operators quickly obtain software and service capabilities through software innovation. It facilitates the sharing of charging resources and provides services to vehicle owners, contributing to the development of the new energy ecosystem and making charging more convenient. Weijing Cloud's SAAS charging platform serves over 10,000 large-scale public charging stations. It is the largest open SAAS platform in the National Charging Alliance, with a monthly charging capacity of billions of kilowatt-hours. It has helped achieve a cumulative energy saving and emission reduction of 10 billion units, serving as a core technology service provider for regional government and enterprise platforms such as Southern Power Grid, State Grid Corporation, Guangzhou Jiediantong, Hainan Charging, Jiangxi Ganyun Charge, Anyang Greenjet, and Yichun Fatou. Its services cover the whole country. In 2019, Weijing Technology received support from the Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


Carsir Platform is a professional platform dedicated to promoting and optimizing the trading of used cars. Leveraging modern network technology and strong operational capabilities, the platform connects various stakeholders in the automotive trading industry, harmonizing supply and demand and improving the efficiency and experience of car transactions.


By harnessing modern network technology, Zhencheng Platform empowers car dealers in every step of the process, from providing trading venues to facilitating to-consumer (toC) sales. Working together with upstream and downstream partners, the platform aims to create a harmonious, healthy, and sustainable ecosystem for the used car industry.


The platform offers the following main services: 

1. Provision of vehicle sales venues.

2. Historical data inquiry for vehicles.

3. Supply of upstream sources.

4. Supply chain funding.

5. Connection with toC traffic.

6. Integration with consumer finance products.

7. Supply of after-sales services for vehicles.


Operating with an innovative and efficient model, the platform provides significant support to the automotive trading industry in China.

Shenma Workshop is a leading short video influencer IP incubation platform in China. It was launched in May 2020 and is affiliated with Shanghai Huiyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which also owns the Doujiju Short Video Script Trading Platform. The core team of consists of professionals from renowned internet companies such as Tencent, ByteDance, and Baidu.


With the support of its subsidiary, the Doujiju Script Platform, Shenma Workshop leverages its extensive library of nearly 150,000 scripts, 8,000+ creators, 5,000+ production and editing agencies, and the Shenma SaaS distribution system to initiate a million influencer incubation program. The platform and creator agencies share the costs to jointly nurture and develop Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs). Ultimately, high-profit returns are achieved through product promotion or video distribution.


Dowsure, also known as "Doushaobao," is a global leading digital API platform for cross-border e-commerce. With years of experience in the cross-border industry, Dowsure has accumulated multidimensional capabilities in understanding cross-border scenarios, system implementation, and risk control technology. The company has invested millions of dollars in developing a supply chain finance platform.


In 2017, Dowsure pioneered cross-border e-commerce insurance in China. In 2019, through API technology, advanced models, and algorithms, Dowsure collaborated with banks and other institutions to achieve pure online, credit-based, and fully closed-loop financial services. This enables cross-border e-commerce sellers to access faster, more convenient, and secure financial solutions.


Currently, Dowsure has established partnerships with platforms such as Amazon, Shopee, Meta, and eBay. The company has already assisted tens of thousands of merchants, covering cross-border e-commerce GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) worth billions of dollars.

Truck Rescue

Truck Rescue App is a mobile application that provides comprehensive information and services to card owners (drivers) anytime and anywhere. It offers services such as on-site tire repair, maintenance and rescue, general services, purchasing accessories, vehicle inspection, towing services, job recruitment, and used car trading. The app has seven user roles: drivers, on-site tire repair, repair shops, general services, accessory suppliers, vehicle inspectors, and tow truck services.


Users can download the Truck Rescue app from application stores such as the Tencent App Store or other mobile app platforms. After registering and opening the app, users can find various nearby businesses to help them with their specific needs and requirements.

Spider Cloud Warehouse

Spider Cloud Warehouse leverages SAAS technology to integrate fabric production factories at the source, improving fabric collaborative production and supply chain management efficiency. It selectively gathers high-quality, cost-effective, and stable supply fabric inventory to provide a wide range of fabric samples and procurement options to downstream designers and clothing manufacturers. By eliminating intermediate wholesalers and their markups, the platform significantly enhances the procurement benefits for its users.


Within two years of its establishment, the platform has listed 11,000 fabric SKUs and facilitated fabric purchases worth 250 million yuan, serving over 2,000 B2B customers downstream.


The platform offers both ready-to-ship fabrics and customizable options, allowing for quick customization according to specific requirements. Nationwide delivery is ensured through partnerships with third-party logistics and a distributed warehouse network covering major sales areas. Price transparency is a key feature, as the platform eliminates intermediaries and offers prices 10-20% cheaper than traditional purchasing channels. Quality assurance is maintained through a sales-driven approach and a digitally empowered supply chain system that facilitates upstream fabric procurement, production collaboration, and inventory supply, resulting in a 5-10% reduction in supply chain costs.

ShunFeng Transportation

ShunFeng Transportation positions itself as the leading freight transportation platform in the field of large-scale transportation, aiming to enhance efficiency in the industry through technological innovation. In the vertical market of large-scale transportation, there are 660,000 large transport vehicles and a market space of 660 billion yuan. Large-scale shipments are typically characterized by being oversized, overweight, or having non-standard dimensions. Unlike traditional logistics parks and dedicated lines, the large-scale transportation market lacks a centralized platform, resulting in scattered information regarding available vehicles and cargo.


ShunFeng Transportation has built an online logistics park that aggregates vehicle and cargo information, enabling dynamic closed-loop transportation through intelligent scheduling. This approach significantly reduces vehicle idle time and benefits all three parties involved: vehicle owners, cargo owners, and the platform itself. The platform's real-time vehicle dispatching capability accounts for 15% of the industry's total capacity, placing it in a leading position in China. Additionally, it has established extensive partnerships with relevant state-owned enterprises, listed companies, and industry leaders.

Qianhai Yueshi

Shenzhen Qianhai Yueshi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is positioned as a highly vertical service provider in the Chinese cold chain industry. With the aim of targeting the future multi-trillion-dollar cold chain supply chain market in China, the company is dedicated to building a world-class artificial intelligence cold chain supply chain management platform.


They have formed strategic partnerships with several Fortune Global 500 companies and currently serve approximately 400 cold chain supply chain enterprises nationwide. The company has integrated and established 200 transportation routes and connected over 300 cold storage facilities.


By integrating modern internet technology, big data cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain technology, the company combines cold chain warehousing management, cold chain logistics management, cold chain transaction management, and cold chain informatization construction. This integration serves as the backbone to connect B2B e-commerce platforms, cross-border bulk agricultural product trading and trade finance, cold chain equipment financing and leasing, as well as the application of new energy technologies. The company plans to establish a network of thousands of professional cold storage facilities across the country and build an efficient, accurate, and intelligent modern national cold chain supply chain integrated system with a market value in the billions.


Hirect was established in 2018 as an enterprise service platform dedicated to direct hiring. The company's vision is to virtually connect talent-driven job seekers with high-growth startups and small and medium-sized enterprises. Hirect's artificial intelligence algorithm helps connect recruiters directly with relevant candidates who possess the required skills and experience. Our philosophy has always been to simplify the hiring process.


Hirect provides direct chat and video calling features, which have helped over 3 million job seekers directly connect with over 190,000 recruiters on our platform. Hirect aims to disrupt outdated recruitment methods and bring a modern and effective solution. By facilitating direct communication between recruiters and candidates, it significantly improves their recruitment process. The company primarily focuses on the talent recruitment market in Southeast Asia.


Shanghai Meishi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in late 2015 and is dedicated to empowering private equity with technology. It owns two well-known brands, "Easy PE" and "Meix".


Easy PE focuses on providing professional software systems and SaaS services for private equity managers, aiming to create various systems and online services needed throughout the entire lifecycle of private equity managers. It strives to help over 20,000 private equity managers nationwide achieve the grand goal of systematizing, digitizing, and automating their business, meeting the growing business demands in the private equity industry. Currently, Easy PE serves nearly 4,000 private equity clients, including covering assets of hundreds of billions of yuan.


Meix serves professional institutional research systems as an online platform, facilitating professional research information exchange between research personnel in securities firms and investment research personnel in asset management institutions. As of the end of March 2022, it has gathered 106 domestic securities research institutes, 136 public funds, 118 securities asset management firms, 110 self-operated securities firms, 33 insurance asset management firms, 38 QFIIs, and over 3,300 private equity managers, among other professional investment institutions. The registered professional research personnel from institutional organizations has exceeded 20,000.

Wana Try

Wana Try is a new type of fashion boutique e-commerce platform. It has an international and professional team of buyers who deeply engage with the global fashion supply chain. They carefully select fashion styles that are suitable for Asian people, featuring excellent materials and top-notch designs. These curated items are gathered in their own distributed warehouses to provide Wana Try members with a try-before-you-buy service. After trying on the items, members can purchase them at special channel prices and exclusive discounts offered by Wana Try, eliminating the need for multiple distributors and allowing them to enjoy high-quality and cost-effective clothing. Wana Try has gained exposure on platforms like Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) with a cumulative reach of 60 million and Douyin (TikTok) with a cumulative reach of 100 million, reaching a broad audience. They have also collaborated with over 2,000 influencers across various online platforms.


Aether is the first company capable of searching sequence space to find novel biocatalysts. The technology can design enzymes for an ever increasing range of chemistries, all in timelines that fit clients' schedule.


To create lab-grown applications that revolutionize cotton production, safeguard environment and disrupt the industry.


Creator of next generation baby food. Harmony is using biotechnology to bring innovation to the heavily outdated baby nutrition industry.


Simply put, we copy the gene responsible for the production of milk protein in cows, and insert it into yeast (yes, yeast - from the same family as the brewer's and baker's yeasts we know so well). What follows is amazing! The gene acts like a manual, instructing the yeast how to produce our protein in a highly efficient way. We then place the yeast in fermentors

where it multiplies rapidly and produces real milk proteins, identical to those that cows produce, which are the key building blocks of the traditional dairy we know and love. These precious proteins are then combined with good vitamins, minerals, and non-animal fat and sugar (hence no cholesterol or lactose) to form every imaginable dairy product! 

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