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We Build GREAT Companies!

Founded in 2005, FIRST startup incubator in China

Invested 100+ startups, 10+ female entrepreneurs, 10000+ employees

Company operation in 75+ countries, $20+ billion total market cap

Image by Iván López


After more than a decade of trials and tribulations, Chinese entrepreneurs have undergone significant changes in their backgrounds, mindsets, and abilities. Nowadays, the motivation for entrepreneurship goes beyond simple impulsive risks or survival, becoming a deliberate choice after careful planning. The composition of entrepreneurial teams, sources of funding, management capabilities, and strategic planning for startup companies have greatly improved. Throughout my experience as an investor and entrepreneur, I have always sought to answer several questions:


Why start a business? What kind of business to start? How to prepare for entrepreneurship?

Who are the true entrepreneurs? Who will be successful entrepreneurs? How to build an entrepreneurial team?

Why do most startup companies ultimately fail? How can startup companies survive? How to grow and become leaders?


I have attempted to find the perfect answers to these questions, but the "perfect answers" I once obtained have been constantly revised and even overturned. I hope to join hands with more entrepreneurs in the pursuit of the "secret" to entrepreneurial success, even though I know there are no perfect or definitive answers to these questions. However, thorough contemplation of these questions is the starting point for successful entrepreneurship. Perhaps the "process" of seeking answers is the true "result." This is the original intention behind the establishment of Innovation Works.


We identify outstanding entrepreneurs, cultivate the "genes of success" for enterprise development, and lead startup companies to grow into "great companies." We believe in the coexistence of innovative ideas and rigorous processes, which is the combination of "art" and "science" in entrepreneurship.


The future of China in the new century depends on the growth of a new generation of entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs with a sense of social responsibility and a sense of historical mission. We look forward to outstanding entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, investors, and more friends joining this cause!


Mark Mai


Founder and Producer

May 2005


Perhaps your lifelong goal is to establish a successful company, but in the end, what will be inscribed on your tombstone are "Kind Father (Mother)," "Beloved Companion," "Generous Friend," rather than "Great CEO." You will discover that what you cannot take away is fame and wealth, while what remains are emotions and memories.

Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg


Support entrepreneurial dreams, create great companies, and unite entrepreneurs worldwide!

Early Stage
Growth Companies

Discovering teams that adhere to integrity, perseverance, and possesses far-sightedness and insight.

Collaborate & Cooperate


Collaborate to create a company strategy, develop a plan for growth, refine the management system, and build a core team

Creativity, Team, Capital Allocation

Assisting entrepreneurs and management team to build up the company and help to grow until it can be self-sufficient

Deep Value and Competiveness Focus

Focus on the startup's core strengths, long-term value, and industry leadership, rather than short-term financial measures

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